Senior and Disability Discount:

Budmail now offers compassionate pricing! Because of the prevalence and ease at which almost anyone these days can obtain a doctors recommendation letter, our criteria for compassionate pricing is:

If you are on long term disability
You are 65+ years of age

Proper documentation is required as proof of long-term disability. This varies from province to province, but you will need to provide the equivalent of a "determination letter" that clearly shows your name and the term of your disability.

Seniors need only provide proof of age to qualify. When setting up your account, please feel free to indicate that you are a senior citizen.

Please note: Anyone that qualifies will receive a coupon code that is attached to the email address registered for their account. Members will need to keep track of this code and use it during checkout to receive the 5% standing discount.

Veteran and Military Discount:

Budmail offers a 5% discount to Military Veterans. To qualify chat with a live agent and provide ONE of the following documents:

We also accept CF1FC Membership cards, which can be obtained here.

Medical Care Professional Discount:

Budmail offers a 5% discount to All Medical Care Professionals.

To qualify, please chat with a live agent and provide a valid workplace identification.

If you can provide documentation showing you work in any medical care field, including emergency response, then we will provide you with a standing 5% discount.

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