For those who have never smoked weed before, one of the most frequent questions we hear is: ‘How will it feel the first time I smoke?’

The fact is that cannabis is experienced by everyone differently. While the genetics, potency, and categories of cannabis strains can help guide you in the right direction, the effects will vary from person to person.

This article will go over some of the most common affects you can expect when smoking weed for the first time.

How Does it Feel to Smoke for the First Time?

The most common effects of smoking weed include:


Many people experience a euphoric or uplifting feeling. Depending on the strain, you may get a case of the giggles and find everything around you absolutely hilarious.

Heightened Senses

Some cannabis users experience heightened senses and, while high, become more sensitive to sensory stimulus such as light, sound, and taste.

If you’ve got friends that think smoking weed can enhance anything from music, movies, food (or anything else for that matter), this is why.


This “myth” is true. Smoking weed does, indeed, give you the munchies.

Decreased Pain

Smoking weed for medicinal purposes can help to reduce pain. Cannabis, when used properly, can also help alleviate nausea, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and more.


For beginners and pros alike, coughing is a typical occurrence when inhaling smoke. If you get sent into a coughing spiral, take a moment to relax and drink some water to get your breath back. But most importantly – do not be embarrassed, it happens to everyone!

How to have the best first-time experience with weed

When smoking weed for the first time, some people may feel uncomfortable or sad. In rare cases, a “bad high” can increase feelings of paranoia, dizziness, confusion, or exacerbate existing depression and anxiety.

But you can mitigate (or perhaps avoid altogether) these negative side effects by ensuring you are in a comfortable situation surrounded by people that you trust.

If your high does take a turn for the worse, don’t freak out! Just take some deep breaths and know that the feelings will pass.

You can also try mellowing out the effects by putting on some soothing music, getting some fresh air, drinking plenty of water, having a snack, relaxing in a hot bath, or simply going to bed.

Why Don’t I feel “High”?

Some people don’t get first time they smoke weed. There are a few reasons that this happens! Whether it’s because someone is too nervous, excited, or hesitant— or maybe they simply didn’t know how to smoke it properly— it can cause significantly subdued effects, or even no effect at all.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t feel high after their first-time smoking weed is that they are afraid to INHALE! It is important to know when smoking a joint, the THC in the smoke gets into your bloodstream through your lungs, which means if you don’t inhale the smoke into your lungs, you’re not getting high.

You need to deeply “breathe in” and let the smoke fill your lungs to get high, but don’t overdo it. If you are smoking weed for the first time, your inhale, or “toke”, should be about two to three seconds long before you exhale.

If it’s your first-time smoking weed, you will probably cough. So, make sure to have some water nearby and take shorter tokes because your lungs are not ready for those long, lung-expanding tokes yet!

  • Did you know: Most of the THC gets absorbed into your bloodstream within the first few seconds anyways, so holding the smoke in for extended periods of time isn’t necessary either, especially for your first time.


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