Smoking a joint is a classic element of cannabis culture. There is something communal about passing a joint around with friends, and the act of rolling is an ingrained ritual. With that, we think that learning how to roll is a rite of passage for many people who love smoking weed.

But before you roll a joint, you will need to assemble a few items— first and foremost, the flower itself. The second-most important item are rolling papers. Everything else, like a grinder and filter tips, are nice to have, but they are not an absolute necessity.

Now that you have your flower and rolling papers, you’re ready to get started rolling your first joint!

1. Break up your bud.

While you can break up the buds by hand, we recommend using a grinder. Not only will a grinder break up the buds into a nice, even texture that will burn smoothly, but it also saves your fingers and nails from getting all sticky from the weed!

2. Sprinkle the bud along the length of the rolling paper

You want to ensure that the ground cannabis is evenly distributed throughout the length of the joint.

  • Tip: At this step, many people will add a filter to one end of the joint, but some people prefer to add the filter at the end and use it to help pack down the cannabis.

3. Shape the joint

While holding the rolling paper on either side with the flower in the middle, pinch your fingers and start molding the cannabis into a snake-like form along the entire length of the rolling paper.

4. Roll the joint

Tuck the unglued edge of the paper behind the packed cannabis, then being rolling the rest of the paper around it.

After you’ve rolled the joint up, you will be left with the glued edge, which you moisten and stick down, starting from one end to the other.

5. Pack down the joint

Finish the job by packing down the open ends of the joint with a pen or similar, skinny object.

Filter or No Filter?

Ask around, and you will find a slew of strong opinions on whether you need a joint filter, also known as a crutch. But a filter serves a purely functional purpose: it prevents the cannabis from falling out and also allows you to smoke the entire joint without burning your fingers at the end.

So, do you need a filter? Not necessarily, especially if you’re going to light up right after rolling it and have a roach clip on hand, but it can make your life easier!

How to Make Your Joints Burn Better

Start with cannabis that is properly cured and not too old or dry. Invest in a grinder that gives you a fine and even grind and take care not to overgrind your buds into powder. Use a quality paper for a smooth burn and roll your joint tightly to get proper airflow. Keep these factors in mind, and you too can master the art of the perfect joint.


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