People have been making hash for thousands of years. Over that time, we have developed many ways to smoke it, and each method has its own fans.

The top 4 most common ways to smoke hash are:

  1. Pipe or bong

2. Joint

3. Vape

4. Dab

By the end of this article, you will be ready to give it a go yourself!

What is Hash?

Hash is a concentrated cannabis product made from the trichomes of the cannabis plant.

What are trichomes, you ask? Trichomes are those tiny, white, hair-like appendages that cover the buds, and they produce the compounds that are responsible for the aromas and effects of cannabis.

Hash is made by collecting these trichomes and pressing them together.

1. Smoking Hash in a Pipe or Bong

Using a pipe or bong is one of the easiest ways to smoke hash, and it is remarkably like how you would smoke flower in a bong or pipe.

  1. First, prime the hash by warming it up to make it easier to work with

2. Crumble it with your fingers and sprinkle it evenly into your bowl.

The key here is to keep the pieces of hash smaller because that promotes better airflow, and many people will add a bit of flower to the bowl before adding the hash for a more even burn.

  • Tip: Make sure to clean your glass piece regularly to prevent ash buildup. While there are many glass cleaners on the market, some isopropyl alcohol will do in a pinch.

2. Smoking Hash in a Joint

Joints are the classic ‘cannabis cigarette,’ and if you know how to roll one already, smoking hash in a joint is a breeze. (Need tips on rolling a joint? Then check out our guide here).

  1. Proceed to roll a joint as usual, except using less flower to make room for the hash

2. Just before you lick the glue to seal the joint, crumble some hash and spread it evenly throughout the length of the joint

3. Finish rolling the joint

4. Enjoy!

Many smokers prefer to smoke a hash joint instead of using a bong or pipe because it is easy to share, the taste from the hash can enhance the joint, and it creates a more potent high than just smoking a regular joint.

3. How to Dab Hash

Dabbing is a trendy way to use cannabis concentrates, but it involves a bit more maintenance and expertise than a bong, pipe, or joint.

First, you will need a dab rig. Dab rigs look like bongs except instead of a bowl, it uses a nail. You will also need a carb cap, aka a dome.

Also, instead of a regular lighter, you need a specialized ‘torch.’

How to dab:

  1. Heat up the nail with the torch

2. Once the nail glows red hot, turn off the torch and let the nail cool for a few seconds. Be careful as the nail is extremely hot!

3. Then, apply a piece of hash directly onto the nail, and inhale

When dabbing, be incredibly careful around the nail because it gets extremely hot!

  • Tip: Make sure you clean your nail (or 'banger') immediately. If you do not, the hash’s organic material will leave a lingering burnt taste when you smoke other concentrates

4. Vaping Hash

You can vaporize hash using either a dry herb vaporizer or one the specializes in concentrates. Before vaping hash, double check to make sure your vaporizer can handle it. Some vaporizers are flower-only, while others only do concentrates, and some can even do both!

Either way, it is important to know what your vaporizer can handle so it does not get damaged.

Overall, the vaping temperature for hash should be set between 180-210 degrees Celsius— like flower, although many people start at a lower temperature level and work their way up as they see fit.

  • Tip: Regular hash vapers often prefer to have separate equipment for hash, whether that is a dedicated vape pen or a separate, designated bag for your Volcano.

For more tips and info, check out our full-length article on smoking hash here:

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