Microdosing is the practice of taking small, imperceptible doses of psychedelics to experience the therapeutic benefits without the high. It is most-commonly associated with psychedelics like LSD and magic mushrooms, but there has been growing interest in microdosing weed as cannabis becomes increasingly accepted in society.

Sometimes, CBD products are touted as a way to benefit from cannabis without the high. Microdosing is a similar idea, in the sense that the amounts of THC you are taking are so minimal that it will not produce any psychoactive effects.

Low dose edibles

Edibles are immensely popular for microdosing because their THC content is clearly labelled on the package. Some of our most popular gummies contain 100mg THC per package with 10 pieces inside. Each piece has 10mg THC. While 10mg is a low dose, if you want an even lower dose, you can always cut the gummy in half, quarters, or whatever your preference.

Tip: Edibles take much longer than smoking cannabis to kick in, and you should expect to wait between 1 - 2 hours for the THC to be absorbed by your body, whereas if you were smoking, the THC would be absorbed within minutes.

For reference, the edibles on our menu usually range from 5 - 800mg THC, and everything in between.

Licensed edibles are low dose ONLY

If you are looking for anything more potent than low dose edibles in the licensed market, you are out of luck as the Cannabis Act set a THC limit on edibles of 10mg THC per package.

That means you are often looking at $5 - 10 for a package containing a maximum of 10mg THC, which means that all licensed edibles are technically a microdose, or at the very least, low dose.

While that is great for the purposes of microdosing, the government-imposed THC limit is just another example of the continued stigma surrounding cannabis to this day.

Can you imagine if the government was so scared and misinformed about alcohol that they banned everything except 1% beer? That’s what they’ve done to cannabis edibles.



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