An even more significant buying factor is the type of vaping device. Each one comes with its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

1. Tabletop

Anyone who prefers to take their weed in the comfort of their home usually gravitates towards a tabletop vaporizer. Its heftier size and weight, coupled with the need for a wall socket, makes it inconvenient to take with you and use it outdoors as a portable device.

Tabletops typically come with a bag or a hose-like mouthpiece to let users inhale at their own pace. These stationary devices do not have the build for a one-hit-and-go type of person, but they are perfect for long, drawn-out sessions or sharing with a group of friends.


The many features of tabletop vapes offset their chunkiness and higher costs. Most of these devices come with better temperature control. Precise, consistent, and even heating can extract more of your product’s active ingredients and has fewer chances of producing harmful by-products.

Tabletop vapes are also more convenient in many ways. You do not have to worry about recharging your device or replacing the battery. These devices’ sheer size makes it easier to consume more weed in one sitting since you do not need to refill smaller cartridges frequently.


This function gives users a higher degree of experimentation since different cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis compounds vaporize at different temperatures. Even if you always vape with the same flower strain or full-spectrum concentrate, using varying heat levels can provide a completely unique experience altogether.

Those who prefer a more THC-centered vape can use lower temperatures since this substance evaporates at 157 °C, while CBD only evaporates at 180 °C. You can take the customization even further by factoring in other cannabinoids and terpenes. For instance, CBN (Cannabinol) needs to reach 185 °C before evaporating, but it has many potential benefits, including pain-relief and relaxation.

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The Volcano Vaporizer is one of the most popular tabletop vaporizers around for flower.

2. Portable Weed Vapes

Anyone who likes to consume their weed on the go will love the convenience of portable vapes. They are small, they run on batteries, and they do not restrict you to one spot.


While portable vapes have the upper hand at portability, their functionality takes a slight hit. Few devices have made the switch to convective heating, and conduction can be less efficient since only the cannabis that is touching the element will heat up.

With that said, many quality models do the job well, and some even have temperature control functions. So, they grant a bit more customization than the smaller vape pens.


Although these vapes do not give the same level of temperature control offered by tabletop devices, they can still capture the nuances of each strain. For the best experience, consider investing in modern, more expensive portable vapes as they typically have longer battery lives, use convection heating, and even have Bluetooth compatibility for improved convenience and performance.

3. Vape Pens

For maximum portability, vape pens are the answer. These light, compact devices are usually the go-to choice for any mobile weed enthusiast.


Pen vaporizers are steadily growing in popularity thanks to their inexpensive batteries and smooth, long-lasting hits. These vapes are also an excellent choice if you want to skip the hassle of loading or unloading product and cleaning your device. They often use refill cartridges that are pre-prepared and pre-measured.

Vape pens are also the most discreet. While it might be hard to mask the smell, most models do not create too much vapour, and they are also easy to store in your pocket.

Modern vape pens come with other useful features like battery-life indicators, draw-activated systems, and the ability to switch atomizers.


The small anatomy of a vape pen means that you would be hard-pressed finding ones that can use dried herb or resin. Most pens can only use oil extracts, which have a different taste and overall experience. An effective way to see if vape pens are for you is to get disposable models that are cheaper, smaller, and more convenient to use.

When picking out your cartridge oils, always double-check the ingredients. Some manufacturers use potentially harmful ingredients like vitamin E acetate to thicken their products.


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