From smoking to vaping to dabbing and eating, you have a lot of options when it comes to using cannabis. Vaping is a particularly popular method for cannabis consumption, and some doctors even recommend vaping flower over smoking it.

1. Vaping is the Healthier Option

Generally speaking, smoking anything isn’t good for your health, and cannabis is no exception. When we smoke cannabis, we light it on fire to cause combustion, after which we inhale the smoke, but burning cannabis also produces unwanted byproducts such as tar and carcinogens. These substances irritate the lungs and are associated with adverse health conditions such as chronic bronchitis and even cancer.

We have seen the effects smoking can have on our lungs, especially when it comes to tobacco, but it is worth noting that a direct link between lung cancer and smoking cannabis has not been found yet.

Vaporizers effectively bypass the need for the elevated temperatures and combustion of smoking. By heating the cannabis at lower temperatures, these devices produce a vapour that contains the desirable substances like the terpenes and cannabinoids without actually burning the cannabis, which means you avoid the harmful by-products. Some studies even show that vaporizing can extract additional anti-inflammatory terpenoids that help protect the lungs from irritation.

2. Vaping is More Cost-Effective

While vape devices are an initial investment, vaping weed will save you money in the long run because it takes less product to give the same high.

One published study from the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs notes that patients rank vaporizers as the most effective method of cannabis intake – requiring the least dose among edibles, tea, and smoking.

Another experiment found that vaporizers convert 46% of the THC into vapour, whereas smoking only converts 25%.

3. It Can Provide a Better Experience

Vaping gives a much cleaner hit than smoking. Due to the lower temperatures involved in vaping, the natural flavours of cannabis are better preserved instead of being burned off and destroyed, resulting in a vapour that is usually a lot smoother on the lungs and more flavorful, too.

Some vaporizers give you even more control by letting you choose your vaping temperature!

Lastly, weed vapes come in many forms, giving you more freedom to experiment and improve your experience by picking the right vape.


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