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How do I earn loyalty points?
How do I earn loyalty points?

Do you have a loyalty program?

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How It Works

Every $1 you spend, you will be issued 2 Budmail Reward Points. You can redeem reward points during checkout against your order total.

Every 100 points = $1.00

Earn Points by:

  • Shop - Spend $1, get 2 points.

  • Write a Review - Earn 100 points.

  • Overpayment will be added to your points balance.

Multiply your Rewards Points!

Automatically earn up to 2.5x more Budmail Reward Points through our Loyalty Program Tiers. As you level up in the program, you will receive more points per dollar spent.

Please note: Adjustments to your loyalty status are made automatically at the beginning of each month.

If your status is not where you think it should be or you cannot redeem your full credit towards your order, simply contact us and we will review it. We can issue points retroactively so don't worry if you feel you are missing some points. You have our commitment that you will never miss out on the points you've rightfully earned.

Please Note:

Budmail Points cannot cover taxes or shipping fees.

If your order is canceled, any points redeemed will be automatically returned to your account.

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