What Is Signature Required?
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Signature required is a recommended service that can be included with your parcel. In the case that nobody is home or available to receive the package, the postman will leave a notice in the form of a card and bring the parcel back to your nearest post office where it will be available for pick up.

In our experience, adding the signature required option to outgoing parcels adds a layer of accountability and safety while your parcel is in transit.

*Please note that even without the signature option, the postman may opt to bring your parcel to the nearest post office if there is no safe drop off spot available.

Who Can Sign & Pick Up My Parcel?
At your address: Anyone living at your address can sign for the parcel.
At the post office: Anyone with a valid ID showing your address can pick up the parcel.

How Do I Add/Remove Signature Required?
This option is available to you at no extra charge. Just select "Yes" in the signature required area located at the bottom of the checkout page. If you have any further questions please chat with one of our live agents.

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