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What Are The Shipping Rates & Delivery Options?
What Are The Shipping Rates & Delivery Options?

Combine your shipping options for maximum product availability! Or select to shop products with the FASTEST shipping!

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Orders under $200: A $10 shipping fee is charged per Expedited parcel.

Premier Shipping Option: Secure your order with Premier Shipping at $19.99 per XpressPost parcel.

Orders $200 and above: Receive free shipping, regardless of the number of parcels or shipping/delivery method.

*No minimum order requirements!


Mail Order via Canada Post

Mail orders are shipped within 24 - 48 business hours. For potential Canada Post delivery service alerts, Read more.

Same Day Delivery

Same-day delivery is currently available in the Greater Vancouver Area and Greater Hamilton & Halton Region.

Next Day Delivery

Local next-day delivery is available in the Greater Toronto Area. Orders finalized before 12AM are delivered the next day between 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM**


You can either shop from our Canada-wide inventory or choose a specific location according to your preferred shipping timeframe, making the shopping process even more streamlined!

Gain access to a wider variety of products on the site by shopping with BOTH shipping options!

  1. First, locate "Select Your Store" at the top left of any category page. Then hit "Shipping to X Change"

  2. Enter your shipping city and postal code: this will sort our inventory according to distance and estimated time frame (2-4 days via mail vs, 2-8 days via mail)

    Why postal code? We offer Same-Day delivery and Next-Day delivery to certain regions!

    3. Once your city and postal code are submitted, you have the option to select either ONE or BOTH shipping options available:


    Shopping from both shipping methods may result in your order being shipped in two parcels. If you would like your order to arrive in one parcel, please ensure one shipping method has been selected.

    For Same-Day and Next Day eligible members, if your order is being fulfilled in separate packages, you will receive a portion of your order via our local delivery team and the remainder via Canada Post.

    Orders that are shipped in multiple packages will be confirmed at checkout.

    *Please note: If your order needs to be fulfilled from 2 locations, a shipping charge is applied to EACH individual package.

    *If your order total is equal to or greater than $200, BOTH packages receive FREE SHIPPING.

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